Centronic in profile

As a member of the Bio-Tech Region Munich Centronic offer a wide product range of Clinical chemistry and Immunoturbidimetric reagents as well as Foodchemistry reagents.

Our products are manufactured according the highest quality standards exclusively in Germany and distributed worldwide.

Corresponding to the In-vitro-Diagnostics guideline 98/79/EC all our products are CE registrated. Our Quality Management System is certified by the TÜV according EN ISO 13485:2016.

The product program contain Fluid Reagents as well as Lyophilisates and include a wide range of reagents for the determination of

  • Enzymes
  • Substrates
  • Electrolytes
  • Lipids
  • Proteins

Competence in Research & Development

Our team consist of highly engaged scientists from different special fields with an experience of many years in the area of clinical chemistry. That fact guarantees our customers reagents on the highest standards and the security of first-class Centronic products.

Flexibility in distribution and service

Our products can be ordered as labelled kits, but also in OEM and bulk. The reagents can be used manually on all commercial available photometers as well as on a big amount of different analysers like Cobas Mira, Beckman, Olympus, etc. For Hitachi analysers 704, 902, 717, 911 and 917, for Olympus, Modular-P and Selectra analysers are ready to use kits available.

Many applications are available on request.

We offer laboratories and hospitals reliable all from one hand

Product variety in medical highest quality with big flexible services.