Water bath maintenance additive


Centronic registered water bath maintenance additive acts as a germicidal and ion complexbinding, protecting your equipment and prolonging their life.

PROTHERMAL prevents:

  • Microorganisms proliferation (Algae, mold , bacteria)
  • Development of odour
  • Precipitation of salts


  • Saving of time and money due to rare waterchanges
  • Protection against obstruction and polution of the tempered equipment and watertubes
  • Consistency of the heat-transmittance due to the cleaning effect on the various parts of the devices
  • Elimination of disease agents

USAGE in: 

  • Waterbaths and thermostats
  • Heatable cuvette-holders
  • All temperable watercooling systems


Clean the waterbath and add 2-3 ml PROTHERMAL per 1 liter demineralized water. This quantity is standard in temperatures of 0-50° C. In higher temperatures the quantity may be split into half. Prothermal normally keeps the water for 2 month clean.The blue color shows the effectiveness of the substance during this time. The water will turn blue, when you first add prothermal; it is time to change the water, when the blue colour fades.