We make your blood visible

We make your blood visible

We make your blood visible


Expertise through engagement and experience


Striving to make something good even better is what singles out our committed and highly motivated team in their work. We have many years of experience and a comprehensive range of in-vitro diagnostic products for clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetry. As a member of the Munich Bio-Tech Region, Centronic delivers the highest quality standards: All products are manufactured in Germany in line with strict standards and are CE marked under the in-vitro diagnostic medical devices directive 98/79/EC, while our quality management system is certified by TÜV EN ISO to 13485:2016.

Our product portfolio includes a vast range of reagents for detecting enzymes, substrates, electrolytes, lipids and proteins. Our stated mission is to expand our company and product range constantly through innovation.



We view honesty and trust as cornerstones of any successful long-term (business) relationship. You can always rely on us to be honest in what we say.


Transparency and honesty guide what we do. We are willing to learn something new every day, and we stand by our word and our values.


A keen awareness about the environment, a paperless office, long-term customer relationships and fair working conditions – for us these are not challenges but a philosophy.

Taking criticism

We understand that complaints are an opportunity to improve, either products or processes. Which is why we are grateful when our customers give us this opportunity, and remain loyal to us.

What better marketing could there be?


It starts internally within the company and continues on externally.

We value our fellow human beings, our clients and our suppliers. This is reflected in long-term partnerships and loyal, dedicated employees. So at Centronic we see respect as the foundation for our quality.

The way people work together within the company is what makes us stand out, and we even extend this into the outside world.

Dr. Johannes Betz – Chief Executive